Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 7 Links

7 links is a game that is floating round the blogosphere.  I've been tagged so I'm taking my turn. There are seven categories to link a post, then you tag 5 blogger friends and they take their turn. Cassie over at Bake Your Day  kindly tagged me so be sure to drop over and take a look at some of her wonderful posts.

Your most beautiful post

Small Town Life In Italy

My blog has had a strange evolution from a general photography blog into a food blog so there are some posts out there that some of my readers may have never seen so I will take this opportunity to share some of my more eclectic posts.


Your most popular post

My Nine Till Five- How I Spend My Days

For the longest time my most popular post was related to Mini Waffle Cones apparently more people than you would ever imagine search for them on Google. One day I was stuck for a post and gathered up some photos from work and created my  9 till 5 post and was surprised to see that people enjoyed seeing my day to day. It just shows we need to be grateful for what we have.

Your most controversial post

Eater Parade and Politics

Again this is a legacy post from my pre-foodie day and may have been controversial if any one of my five readers at the time could have gotten excited enough.

Read the post to see my view of protesting a church at Easter.

Your most helpful post

Chicken Cacciatore and Why I’ll Never Be a Hand Model is my most recent post prior to this one an I see it as the most helpful because not only did  I post a recipe (a rarity for me as you know) but  made my first attempt at an instructional video. My video making skills need a lot of work but it’s a work in progress.


A post whose success surprised you

MIni Waffle Cones

This is a post a threw together in the middle of a very busy week and was shocked at how often it got hits. All the hits came from Google searches. Who Knew?IMG_3362[1]

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Asian Style Red Snapper

This was a dish I really liked but did not see a lot of hits on on the post.

The post that you are most proud of

Food Photography a Slow Improvement

I think this was probably when I finally decided to turn the blog into a food blog.

I enjoyed this exercise and had fun digging through my stuff to try come up with stuff everyone might enjoy. And now I need to tag five bloggers. This is difficult as there are so many people who have been helpful to me as I start down the blogging road. I would love to see what you all come up with but do not feel obligated I know we all have our own blogging schedules and just ideas about what we want to do.

And just something I want to share for no particular reason other than me wanting to share. This week  last year I travelled to Italy for my nieces wedding and as I am sitting here composing this post it is playing on my mind.