I take a lot of photographs when I travel. I decided editing these down and posting my favorites from each place. Again this is going to be a work in progress and I will be updating the page frequently. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.
 San Francisco, CA
B0010272 B0010208 B0010238
IMG_5471 B0010848 IMG_5240
IMG_5212 IMG_5314 IMG_5324
 Philadelphia,  PA
B0009424 B0003381 B0003383
B0009669 B0009576 B0009488

B0007303 B0007298 B0007295
--- B0007349 B0007367
Washington, DC

Provincetown, MA
B0006422 B0008611 B0008573
B0008398 B0008564 B0002698
B0008830 B0008743 B0008432
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