Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mango, Orange and Rum Popsicles: Pas Devant Les Enfants

Pas devant les envants or not in front of the children will be the order of the day here. I came across some Popsicle molds is a discount store and bought a set and as there are no children here  was able to hijack them make some nice boozy mango, orange and rum popsicles which were not in any way suitable for children.

I had never used popsicles molds before and had no idea if they were a standard measure or not so the first thing I did was fill them with water and measure what they held. Conveniently enough the six popsicle were exactly two cups so mixing up a batch was very easy. First I peeled and cut up a ripe mango and put it in to my measuring jug and then brought the level up to just under two cups with orange juice. You could of course do this with any combination of ingredients. I then put them in a blender and blended them . I actually used the pulse setting so they were not fully blended and there was a little texture left to it.


You can then mix in you alcohol I used dark rum which work really well with mango. I used one ounce but that is up to your personal taste. If you add too much alcohol it will not freeze hard enough. Do you like my neat Dominican Republic shot glass? IMG_8010
Premeasuring the molds was good because it meant I had the exact amount I needed. I recommend freezing them over night to make sure they are fully frozen. The next day they are ready to  unmold and enjoy.
Here is a small part of my shot glass collection, not that a drink much.
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