Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mini Waffle Cones

1,000 down 1,000 to go.
My coworker Jennifer and I were busy today. 120 person breakfast in the morning a load of other production work and homemade mini waffle cones by the case. There are plenty of recipes available on line. 
It is basically a very sweet waffle mix that is cooked very thin on these special irons. They are shaped while still hot and set nice and crisp into the cone we all know and love. The Chef's Choice Petite Cone Express is a great little machine which allows you to make three mini cones at a time. We were actually operating two machines at a time.
 I will be updating when we serve them filled tomorrow.
It is also possible to make nice savory cones using grated Parmesan cheese mixed with a little all purpose flour. 
 I found that one part flour to four parts cheese worked quite well. For the savory cone you should also set the temperature a little  lower.