Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 9 till 5 or how I spend my days.

I am not channeling Dolly Parton but realized while I have posted random photos from my job I have never really written a whole lot about it. Firstly my 9 till 5 never begins at 9 but more like 6:30.
I work in the food service department of Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC where we have two restaurants open to the public. On the eight floor we have Café SFA which serves typical American fare with an emphasis on soups and salads. On the fifth floor we have SNAKS (the C is dropped as a play on Saks) which serves lighter food like sliders and flatbreads. I mostly work on catered events but essential do a little bit of everything.
The 8th floor restaurant is the largest of the two locations.  It has a fairly large menu where most people will find something they will enjoy. The top picture is our latest special, a Roasted Sea Bass with Feta Potato Pancake and Cucumber Salad. I have also posted a couple of collages of some other menu items and lastly a photo of a part of the room.


When putting this post together I realized I had very few photos of the food in the fifth floor restaurant as I spend little or no time in that location. This photos are a little out of date but represent the kind of food served and again I have a photo of the space. 

This is my main are of responsibility. We do everything from a very basic continental breakfast to high end sit down dinners. I had put these collage together as promo material.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my day.