Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Todays Featured Instagram Foodie FollowTheFood

Followthefood A Fun Foodie Instagram Feed

Today’s feature goes to a feed with an a wide selection of food types so be sure to check out their followthefood instagram feed. They also have a tumblr account with lot’s to see . The tag line on their accounts says it all “Some Live To Eat We Eat To Live”



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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Staten Island Ferry. Free Harbor Cruise In NYC

Staten Island Ferry Free And Enjoyable

NYC is such an expensive place for locals and tourist alike. Usually when you hear the word free there are strings attached but in the case of   The Staten Island Ferry it really is free. It’s a short trip to the other side and you get to spend some time on the water with great views of lower Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty. If you are just doing the round trip you still need to disembark on the other side. There are few stores at the terminal on the Staten Island side. There is even a Dairy Queen where you can eat very cheaply and delude yourself that you did a dinner cruise.
I have not really explored Staten Island too much but plan to do so soon.
Staten Island Ferry Panorama
This is a panorama I did  from the ferry pre 9-11.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Todays Featured Instagramming Foodie ijustwant2eat

ijustwant2eat has lots of great eats from the NYC area

My current Instagram feature foodie is @ijustwant2eat . They have an Instagram Feed that is a foodies delight. Also be sure to check out their blog.


Here is the write up from the “About” section of their blog.

“I Just Want To Eat® is a personal blog that me, Jean-Philippe, decided to create back in July 2011. The idea came naturally: I love food, talking about food and experienced different types of cuisine during the years I traveled around the world. I do not know if it is because of my French palate and the different food I have been exposed to, but trust me: I can eat any type of food. On this blog, you will find information about places where I eat (whether in New York, New Jersey or anywhere where I travel), recipes and various information related to food.”

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Putting Starbucks to Shame Watch This Barista In Action

The Beautiful Latte Art of Dritan Alsela

I grew up in a household or more accurately a nation of tea drinkers. The only real exposure I had to coffee as a child was leaning on the window of Bewley’s Coffee House on Westmorland Street in Dublin and watching the big coffee roaster rotating the beans. The aroma was fantastic and on a winter's evening the heat radiating through the window was an added benefit. It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I became a coffee drinker. Now I drink far too much of the stuff.
I love to see a really good barista at work. It puts me in mind of a really good line cook or bar tender. The speed and coordination is quite amazing. I came across this video of Dritan Alsela at work  he really is a talented guy.