Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let Me Show You Just How Wrong Ted Cruz Is About The Bronx

The illustrious Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz created some waves saying that Manhattan may have problems defending it’s border with The Bronx. Setting aside the fact that the crime rate is lower in The Bronx than in several major cities in his state. I’d like to introduce him to a few of my favorite places that may just shake up his stereotypical view. We’ve come a long way from Fort Apache.

This is some of my blog posts showing The Bronx in all it’s glory. All of these make for a quick trip from Manhattan if you are looking for a day trip with a difference.

The Bronx Museum Of Art. Modern Art On The Grand Concourse


Bartow Pell Mansion. How The Other Half Used To Live

A taste of how the other half used to live before The Bronx even became part of NYC.


Edgar Allen Poe’s Cottage

When the famous poet lived in The Bronx he called this cottage home. It is now furnished in the style it would have been when he was in residence.


Arthur Avenue. New York’s Real Little Italy In The Bronx

This Bronx neighborhood is the place to go for a truly Italian experience. You can even watch them hand rolling cigars.



City Island, A taste of New England In The Bronx

Great tasting seafood,fishing trips and just some very quaint places to explore.

And those posts don’t even include The Bronx Zoo and The Botanical Gardens.B0001256%25255B3%25255D[1]

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