Thursday, July 31, 2014

Poe Cottage A Quirky Little Bronx Treasure

Poe Cottage, Bronx

Thanks to some posts I had seen from I discovered that there was a small museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe a short bus ride from my apartment. Poe lived here for a time and the home is furnished much as it would have been during his time. Check The Bronx Historical website for  directions and further information.






While I have never taken any of the they seem to have a very interesting collection of tours. Bronx Little Italy and East Harlem amongst them.

In the same park as the museum  there is a visitor’s center and it is currently holding a fascinating photo exhibit. You only have until August 16th to see The Bronx Meets Vienna. A fascinating collection images juxtaposing images from The Bronx with ones from Vienna. The Bronx images are the result of a customized tour taken by the photographer Thomas Stubbings.

Here are two of the images. Please note the exhibit has been extended until August 16th