Monday, July 30, 2012

Dim Sum A Very Sociable Way To Dine

A coworker of mine has been trying to get me to go for  a Dim Sum lunch for a very long time. We finally got it together and went to Chinatown for what I have to tell you was a wonderful meal. I love small tasting plates so this was such a great experience. My friend who is Hong Kong Chinese took us to a place not frequented by tourists so it was a truly authentic experience. Jing Star is an Hong Kong style restaurants that seems to be very well regarded. Our little group turned heads a little with two Asian woman an Irish guy and an African American.
dim sum collage
The food was incredibly good but I did not take many photos as the conversation was even more incredible. I know feel I could go without a guide and try even more dishes..
And usual a wander around Chinatown is always interesting.

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I have had a lot going on of late and have very little energy for blogging. I have some time of this week and am hoping to get back in the groove.