Monday, August 4, 2014

Mike’s Miscellaneous Mondays: Five Borough Facts


Way to often visitors to New York City do not venture to far from the the tourist haunts of Manhattan. There are four other boroughs to explore each with it own unique feel. From zoos, parks and museums to great food in ethnic neighborhoods. So step outside your comfort zone and give The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island a chance. You may just surprise yourself.
If you are visiting New York and on a budget I would recommend The Staten Island Ferry if you want to see the lower Manhattan skyline from the water and get up close to Lady Liberty without being able to visit her. It’s like a mini harbor cruise but it’s free. You have to disembark on the Staten Island side before returning to Manhattan. There is a Dairy Queen at the ferry terminal so grab an ice cream. Sadly it slipped Dairy Queen’s mind that Staten Island was part of New York City but it is a great way to end your “cruise”.

New York City
by Lemonly.

When I first arrived in New York it would have been nice to have a local to guide me a little. Allow me to introduce you to Johnny T, a New York born Italian American.  He will give you a primer on how to make your first visit good for both you and the natives.