Friday, May 4, 2012

Old and Older Jameson Distillery Tour and The Brazen Head Ireland’s Oldest Inn

Although production has long since been moved from the original distillery in Dublin you can still take a tour of the original facility. You even get to do a tasting at the end of the tour.
The tour starts with a short movie explaining the history of Jameson Whiskey and is followed by being walked through the production from malting the barley to the triple distilling and aging process. All in all it makes for a very interesting tour.Old-Jameson-Distillery-tour-Dublin-Ireland
At the end of the tour you get to taste a Jameson. A few  volunteers get to do a comparative tasting. It was a tough choice but I volunteered just so I could report back. You get to taste each while drinking water in between. I have to say the Irish did taste much smoother. But one of the volunteers preferred the Scotch. No he was not forcibly removed from the premises.
My hard work was rewarded with a certificate. I am now an Official Qualified Irish Whiskey Taster.
This is one cool chandelier . I think you could probably make this with any kind of bottle.
A short walk from the distillery over the River Liffey  steps from Christchurch Cathedral in the heart of what was once Viking Dublin  is Ireland’s oldest inn. The Brazen Head has been in operation since 1198. This place is really worth a visit.
I created a couple of 360 degree Photosynths. I love the coffin leaning against the fireplace in the library.