Sunday, May 6, 2012

Howth and The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

My recent visit to Ireland to see family was a bit of a washout weather wise but you have the make the most of any trip. Howth is a great little fishing village in the outskirts of Dublin and is a very easy ride by public transportation on The Dart, the suburban rail service serving the coastal communities from Bray in the Co. Wicklow to Howth in North Co. Dublin  . I decided on a visit  with every intention of enjoying the offerings in the the tent at The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival but the cold wind forced my family and I into one of the local watering holes for lunch. The Abbey Tavern had some really nice comfort food to take the chill away . I did get a chance to check out the festival and drop in on Dorans On The Pier  to check out the selection of seafood.






Click below to explore one of the piers..

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