Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Waffle Cones: How Many is Too Many

A couple of my earliest blog posts were about a very trying couple of days making 2,000 mini waffle cones. At that time I probably had all of ten people reading my posts. As it was a fairly over the top experience I thought I would resurrect them, combine them into one post and share.


We had two Chef’s Choice Mini Cone Express Machines going for constantly and it took almost two full shifts to make these. You had to move fast and shape the cones while they were still hot. I do not think I had any fingerprints at the end of the two days.


The recipe used is just a basic waffle recipe here is the one the manufacturer recommends 



multitude of mini waffle cones

This was less than quarter of the way to where we needed to be.



Filling so many mini waffle cones with ice cream probably would have been a disaster so we used a raspberry liquor soaked pound cake with raspberry butter cream.


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