Monday, March 12, 2012

Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays An Irish Food Link Up

 Q: What is in an Irish seven course meal?
  A: A bag of potatoes and a six-pack of beer.

When people hear I cook for a living and come from Ireland they just love telling me that joke. I guess the joke could be offensive but rather than be offended I would just like some help proving the joke wrong. I would like people to share links to there favorite Irish themed blog posts.
There is no need to have a link back to this in the post but I would greatly appreciate you sharing this on your Facebook Pages, Twitter or even just send an email to a friend who might be interested.

Pleas tweet this..

@theculinarylens is having an Irish Food Link party please share a link to kill a myth


Over time I have posted quite a few Irish posts and will add some of my own to get the ball rolling. Feel free to post more than one link.
By the way the above collage is a small collection of my photographs from my trips back to Ireland.
By the way if you have a favorite Irish restaurant or website please share a link in the comments section.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours.