Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Irish Smoked Salmon and Dubliner Cheese Muffins

I am a big fan of Mark Bittman and own  his How to Cook Everything book and even the iphone app. The app is kind of cool with timers built into the recipes which set of an alarm on the phone.
His Muffins Infinite Ways is a great example of some of his recipes were he give you a basic recipe and the the adjustments you need to be as creative as you like.
In keeping my month of Irish food posts I decided making a a Smoked Salmon and Cheese Muffin might be good. To the basic recipe I added about 1.5 oz of chopped smoked salmon, two tablespoons of shredded Dubliner cheese and one table spoon of chopped fennel fronds (you can use dill as this is what I had on hand)
I urge you to try Dubliner cheese it's a great sharp Cheddar type cheese.

As it was a savory recipe I reduced the sugar and because I was adding smoked salmon I excluded the salt. So ttake a look at his recipe and suggestions and allow your imagination run wild.

Just one more thing pleas drop over to my Irish food link up and check out what people have being posting.. Add a link of your own and make it an even bigger party.

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