Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Year In Food

Mid October might seem a little early to be reviewing my year but as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program I was offered a gift card so I might review the gifts available from the Wallgreens Photo Center. I already use them for my general photo printing needs so jumped at the opportunity to try some of their gifts. I thought putting together a calendar with some of my favorite images might be fun.
Do you have a favorite twelve images you would use?
I have a tendency to get ahead of myself and was all set up and ready to order before the card arrived.
I started by choosing twelve of my personal favorites of the photos from the past few months. I created a collage on my own computer to use as a cover for my calendar. It is possible to do this on site but I had a particular layout in mind.
I then uploaded the photos to the Walgreens site and then got to work putting my calendar together. The process was very easy and pretty intuitive.
Fullscreen capture 1072011 72650 PM
You start by choosing the start date for your calendar which is an excellent idea should you want to purchase a calendar mid year.
Fullscreen capture 1062011 64959 PM
You can either have the pages auto filled or choose each page individually. You can also add text to each page. Each date box can be personalized with photos and text if you want to add birthdays and such, I did not do this. You’ll notice I put the Guinness gravy photo in March to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day.
Fullscreen capture 1072011 74522 PM
Calendar Cover

Fullscreen capture 1072011 73416 PM
March Page
When done you can do a preview of what your calendar will look like when printed. Obviously you do not have to use food shots and I am planning on putting together a family photo one to send to my mother in Ireland.
After ordering I was able to choose same day pick up at my local Walgreens which was pretty cool and a very efficient way to do things.

Fullscreen capture 1072011 82636 PM
Walgreen's Gifts
Walgreens have many photo gifts and I also purchased a mug which I decided not wait for the delivery of before sharing my calendar experience. I think this will make a great gift with some homemade biscotti.
Fullscreen capture 10122011 52236 PM.bmp
Biscotti Mug
I received a gift card to review this product but the opinions are my own.