Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Sept. 11th Memories

I could not get my head around how I was going to put this post together but seeing what some other people have posted and watching some of the  memorials I thought I’d try. Unusually enough on the day I did not have my camera with me but my co-workers and I stood on the roof of my job in midtown and watched the towers burn and collapse. I am actually glad I did not have my camera as the scenes on the day were too upsetting.
I have not even looked through these photographs in years.
I had a seven mile walk home that day. I passed through the downtown area to get over the Williamsburg Bridge and the air was thick with dust and smoke. And the smell is not something I’ll never forget.
I am much better with photographs than words so here are some shots have taken that are related to that terrible day.
There were a huge amount of makeshift memorial set up around the city and this Anne Frank quote really struck a chord with me.
I remember being so upset when I saw this missing person flyer for the little girl. Only to find out months later that the guy posting it was a con man. I was beyond disgusted and it had me questioning the goodness of people.
This shot was taken outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th ave. It is a huge American flag flying between two fire trucks. I work right next to the Cathedral and this was just one of far too many funerals I witnessed in the following weeks.
This photo I took a week or so after the attack it gives you some idea of the level of the destruction.
I took this photograph at the St. Patrick’s Day parade after Sept. 11. This was during the moment of silence and I think the emotion and stress of the previous few months are written all over the fire fighters face.
And finally a photo taken only shortly before of the Twin Towers standing tall. I have one request of anybody reading this, please call it The World Trade Center and not Ground Zero.