Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casa Barilla, Central Park, NYC

I have been told that blogging on a set schedule is a good idea and my usual plan would be to post later tomorrow. But sometimes I  do something  I have enjoyed so much I want to share it. Also there are a few days left and maybe somebody in NYC might enjoy it.

I saw the invitation below on the Barilla Website and while it was not addressed to me individually I am never one to miss an event that includes food.

“You're invited to be a part of Casa Barilla™, a four-day celebration of authentic Italian food and culture in New York's Central Park from September 13-16. Casa Barilla™ will feature a myriad of interactive cooking classes, food and culture workshops, children's activities and more!

Open to the public, and featuring some of today's most recognized experts in Italian food and culture, Casa Barilla™ will honor Italy's rich cultural heritage and its delicious culinary traditions with a touch of history and an abundance of great tastes and experiences. You'll leave inspired, with a newfound appreciation of Italian cuisine and armed with practical tips and suggestions so you, too, can share the table, Italian style!”


Cellentani With Shrimp and Cannellini Beans

The above dish was prepared at a very nice workshop I attended called “Italian Food and Wine Pairing:Finding The Perfect Match. It was an interesting workshop and the dynamic between the presenters was a lot of fun. 

There was many other activities and even if you are not able to able to register for any classes or workshops you will be able to watch them from outside the seating area. The $5 cover charge was easily made up for in just the tastings and the free box of pasta at the end. Also the money was donated to the NY Food Bank.

Casa Barilla Website


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