Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PARKED: A Food Truck Festival

Parked a food truck festival brought to us by Mean Red Production almost created gridlock at South Street Seaport. I have found as a general rule when exploring an event like this go hungry and bring friends. You need the friends so you can see and taste more items. There were more than 30 trucks so tasting everything was impossible but just checking out all the sights and aromas was a lot of fun.
You have to love any food truck with the tagline “Not Yo Mama’s Balls” and I have to say they were correct…..

The hummus platter from Taim was really good. I have eaten at their bricks and mortar operation on Waverly Place in NYC and the truck food did not disappoint.
The Teriyaki Balls from Mimi and Cocco are always one of my favorite items. Take a look at the video clip below to see just how hard they have to work.
South Street Parked Food Truck Festival
And of course there were many many trucks I did not get to check on but there was certainly something there for everyone.