Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TUE Thai Restaurant, Greenwich Village, Cheap Eats NYC,

$10 will generally not get you very far for a lunch in NYC but here is suggestion for a $9 deal which might tempt you down to the West Village. TUE Thai is a place I did a short post about before but since I was only blogging to about five people then I  thought  would share one of my favorite inexpensive spots when I am out and about.
I am not into doing reviews but like my post on Cuba Libre in Atlantic City I want to share places I have enjoyed. I don’t see myself doing negative write ups of anywhere at least not while I am still working in food service.
I am not certain how authentically Thai the dishes are but I have tried many items on the menu and they have always been very tasty. For $9 you get a small salad, an appetizer, an entrée and a soda or Thai iced tea. Pictures here are the Tamarind Sesame Chicken and Crab Rangoon. Check out their website to look at the full menu.
These photographs were taken early in the lunch period on a  steamy Saturday recently so don’t let the lack of customers fool you. It is a pretty airy space with industrial lighting and a cool vibe. I have always found the staff to be friendly and efficient. And they have the all important A rating from the city health department.
These pictures are from previous visits and I am not sure what the dishes were called and as you can see it is a nice lunch at a good price.

I was thinking of making a cheap eats post a somewhat regular feature as  travel around. I am a trip to Philadelphia next week and have a few places I want to try and am open to suggestions if anybody wants to leave them in the comments section.

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