Friday, July 1, 2011

Cuba Libre, Atlantic City, NJ

Up and down the boardwalk in there are so many food choices both good and bad. You can have a deep fried snickers bar  from a store front or a great steak dinner at Morton's and multiple choices in between. One of my favorite food and shopping spots of all the casinos is “The Quarter” at The Tropicana. It has a ceiling with a fake twilight sky so you feel like you are in the town square of some Latin American town. It is a little corporate leaning with  PF Changs and Carmines having outposts. Another place which I believe also has locations in Washington,DC and Philadelphia I chose to try out with was Cuba Libre.
The food was very good but what really makes the place is the ambiance.
As you can imagine food photography was not easy because of the lighting but these are the best shots I had.
Here is the basket of Fried Plantain,Malanga and Yucca chips that come with dips. We chose Black Bean Hummus, Marlin Salad and Haitian Eggplant Spread which I am not showing because it is way to blurry.
We then chose some “Piqueos” which are basically just small plates in the style of Tapas. Pictured here are. Cuban Pesto Marinated Shrimp with boniato chip and arugula salad, Chino Glazed Pork, Beef and Pine Nut Meatballs with Carrot Salad and Avocado,Pineapple and Lime Juice with a Plantain Chip.
All of these dishes were very tasty. I was particularly taken with the avocado and pineapple combination.
And finally how could you leave a  a place called Cuba Libre without having a cuban sandwich. It was as good as I would have expected.
They have a huge selection of cocktails but I am more a beer drinker..
The friendly bartender even took my friend upstairs to see the upstairs night club where they have a missile built into the bar.
Here are the exterior shots. Look at the evening sky, it is hard to believe it is indoors at lunchtime.

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