Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tiles For America Project At The Jefferson Library

9-11 Memorial Tile Fence

In the days and weeks after the September 11th 2001 attacks a makeshift memorial sprung up on the corner of Greenwich and 7th Avenue South. There was a do it yourself type pottery studio called Our Name is Mud. It’s patrons began to create tiles and affix them to a fence which was close to St. Vincent’s Hospital where many of the wounded attended. The fence acted as a giant get well card for the entire city.

The hospital has since been demolished and luckily the tiles were saved. A portion of the fence and tiles are currently on display at The Jefferson Market Library a few blocks from the original site. This is not a huge display but gives you a taste of the outpouring of grief but incredible sense of hope and goodwill there was in the city.






This is a photo  of how the fence looked in place.



The library itself is quite an interesting building and worth checking out. It was a former women’s prison and I always wonder what tales the walls could tell.

jefferson-market-libraryIMG_1732  IMG_7970