Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Staten Island Ferry. Free Harbor Cruise In NYC

Staten Island Ferry Free And Enjoyable

NYC is such an expensive place for locals and tourist alike. Usually when you hear the word free there are strings attached but in the case of   The Staten Island Ferry it really is free. It’s a short trip to the other side and you get to spend some time on the water with great views of lower Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty. If you are just doing the round trip you still need to disembark on the other side. There are few stores at the terminal on the Staten Island side. There is even a Dairy Queen where you can eat very cheaply and delude yourself that you did a dinner cruise.
I have not really explored Staten Island too much but plan to do so soon. http://www.visitstatenisland.com/
Staten Island Ferry Panorama
This is a panorama I did  from the ferry pre 9-11.