Monday, September 8, 2014

Foodies Looking To Grow Your Instagram Network ? This Is For You

My Instagram Hashtag Sharing Project

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My hashtag project is off to a good start an I want to thank the people who have already started tagging their posts. I have seen so much wonderful photography on Instagram. I finally figured out a way I can share the posts of my friends and followers. I have set up a page where the images will be posted.
Take a look at sharing page here to give you an idea what my game plan is.
I will feature one image every day with credit back to your profile. It is also my intent to feature some of the images in a blog post once or twice a week depending on the how many tags there are. I will link back to your Instagram profile and blog, if you have one. I believe this might be an opportunity for us to grow our networks together.
Please follow me on intagram @theculinarylens and tag your images #theculinarylens . I would also appreciate you encouraging your foodie friends to start using the tag.