Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Bits and Pieces From My Wanderings Around The Web

During the Summer months there is nothing quite like taking fruit salad out of the realm of the dessert. Pluots are a hybrid combing a plum with an apricot and this recipe from 101 Cookbooks really highlights this delicious fruit.
Pluot Summer Salad
Julia Child would have celebrated her 102nd birthday last week it is nice to see her fame reaching Ireland.
20 of Julia Child's inspirational kitchen quotes -
My Friend Barbara At Sunday At Giacometti’s has a wonderful take on potato croquettes. Neapolitan comfort food at it’s best.
Sunday At the Giacometti's
Just a little fun here. To call these a collection of kitchen fails would be an understatement.

50 People Who Should Never Be Allowed Near Food Again