Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Irish Language, Irish Music and Tasty Food

In my travels around the web I often find things I want to share. I don’t mean your usual viral cat videos but stuff that interest me. I have not tried this recipe but enjoyed the video.

I remember as a child thinking the Irish language was on it’s last legs. But it has shown an incredible resilience thanks to a new generation who have just refused to let it die. Follain is a preserve company based in West Cork and they produced this video. I love the unusual presentation and wanted to share. Sit back and enjoy, even if you never make the food the photography and music make it worthwhile.

Foll√°in Raspberry Tart from Russell Productions on Vimeo.

A little taste of the language in action



irish-language-gaelige-road-signs-ireland IMG_1766


And just to show the Irish language take a look at the kids of Colaiste Lurgan doing a version of Lorde’s Royals as Gaeilge