Monday, August 5, 2013

Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays :Dear Old Dirty Dublin Oh How I Miss You

I have no had an oppurtunity to visit Ireland this year and am in dire need of a Dublin fix. I decided to go through some of my photos and share some photos of the city made me who I am. With any luck I will be back in Ireland early next year to see the family. 

The Four Courts
Temple Bar Dublin
The Ha'penny Bridge
The Children Of Lir
Rive Liffey Twilight
Liffey View
Oh Dublin, you're my city
I'm proud to call you mine
Divided by the Liffey's greasy slime
No matter who I love and woo
At home or oversea,
My heart prefers those Dubliners
Like me

GPO Dublin, Ireland
The Customs House Dublin

Any child of  the '60s or '70s will remember Bagatelle's Summer in Dublin as the City's Anthem. Molly Malone  did not do it for us.