Thursday, July 11, 2013

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts.


One of my favorite places to visit in Philadelphia is The Magic Garden. It is very difficult to describe in words or pictures as it is just so immersive. The Garden is an enormous ever growing collection of mosaic vignettes, The artist  Isaiah Zagar has built this piece over a long period of time. I remember seeing this in it’s infancy several years ago and am constantly amazed at how I experience it anew on every visit. Isaiah also incorporates some of his poetry into the work. One line I just love is "I built this sanctuary to be inhabited by my ideas and my fantasies."

If you are ever in Philadelphia I urge you to take a walk down South Street and visit the garden



philadelphia-magic-garden-face-mosaic IMG_0554 IMG_0556
IMG_0544 IMG_0548 IMG_0545
IMG_0557 IMG_0543 IMG_0546

Check out the interactive panorama below to give you some idea of just how cool just a small section of the garden is.