Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Beef Cuts? And Some Beef Recipes

I realize red meat get a bad rap from a healthy eating point of view but like anything moderation is the key. Beef is such a versatile meat. Personally I tend to like the cheaper cuts which are cooked low and slow for maximum flavor.Here is useful Infographic on the uses for various cuts of beef. I am also sharing a couple of me favorite recipes.

Guinness is an incredible compliment to beef in a stew so click over and check out the Guinness Beef Hot Pot Recipe.guinness-beef-stew-hotpot

Meatballs with Guinness Gravy and Colcannon


If you look at the two pics you’ll notice my food styling needs some work or at least less repetition.


Cuts of Beef
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