Monday, March 19, 2012

Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays 3 St. Patrick’s Day Parade NYC, 2012

It's a great day for the Irish, it's a great day for fair
The side-walks of New York are thick with Blarney
For shure you'd think New York was Old Killarney
It's a great day for the Shamrock, for the flags in full array
We're feeling so inspirish, shure because for all the Irish
It's a great, great day

To be completely honest while I enjoyed the time I spent there I can only take so many marching bands. Here are a few shots from Saturday’s NYC parade. I also added some video and apologize for the music as I had to use a music generator in my video software. Youtube keeps stripping music out of videos I upload.
US-navy-patricks-day-parade-nyc-2012 NYC-Parade-St-Patricks-Cops-NYPD green-cafe-nyc-st-patricks-day
irish-police-garda-gardai-nyc-parade-st-patricks    IMG_0699 IMG_0696
IMG_0634 piper-nyc-parade us-troops-parade-nyc-st-pat
DSCF7504 IMG_0641 IMG_8975

NYC. St Patrick’s Day Parade 2012 by The Culinary Lens