Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barley Risotto with Spinach and Pan Roasted Chicken

I really enjoy risotto as I find it such a versatile dish. I have seen various recipes for risotto made with barley and have been wanting to try it for some time.


I used the same technique you would use to make regular risotto with rice. Of course you can use any combination of vegetable and protein you like.

The barley takes longer to cook than rice but needs less stirring. For four large portions you need 1.5 cups of barley and 8 cups of liquid. The liquid can be half broth and half water as there is a lot of evaporation.



Here is a link to the basic process

Mine did not come out quite as creamy looking, possibly because I did not stir frequently enough. This is really quite delicious and I recommend you give it a try.

You may have noticed a drop off in my posting. Sadly it may be this way till January as things are beginning to ramp up at work and my time is not my own till then. I am sure I can squeeze in a few posts here and there.