Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Cool Are Tasting Plates?

Before I go on to share my love of small plates with you allow me to ask that you drop over to my Share The Harvest giveaway and share a link or leave a comment to be enter.

I guess we have to give the Spanish and their Tapas the credit for the proliferation of small plates in restaurants. When  travel there is nothing I enjoy more than finding places that have small plates available as it gives you the opportunity to taste more than you normally would. I sometimes overindulge but at least I get to experience many tastes

A couple of these are from my job the rest are from various places  have visited around the USA. Do you have a favorite small plate? or are you a big plate meat and potato type?

All the tastes in the collage Crab, Scallops,Beef, Sausage and Cheesecake would only make a small meal so it leave room for more.


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