Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chinatown, NYC. A Little Lunch and Exploration

If you are visiting New York City and have even the slightest interest in food you have to visit Chinatown. Before writing this post did a little research so I could get the geography right. Much to my amazement on some of the tourist sites people complained about the smell, how crowded it was and even being harassed by the vendors. I do have to warn you this is not a Disneyfied  version of Chinatown and you can expect to be confronted by smells, crowds and harassing vendors but in my opinion that is a huge part of the attraction.
There are plenty of places to eat from expensive to very cheap. I urge you to muster up your courage and go into a place with mostly Asian customers I know that is somewhat clich├ęd but it really is the best way to go.
We went into  Yee Li restaurant and because of the camera we looked very touristy  and were handed “dinner menus” luckily the lunch menus were sitting on the table and the prices were considerably lower so do what the locals.  We chose  Roast Pork with Duck and Bok Choi topped with a  Fried Egg over Rice and the second dish was a Roast Duck Noodle Soup. Served with a pot of tea the check was $10.50 for both which will buy you very little anywhere else in Manhattan. Now be warned a P.F Changs at the mall this is not but a much more authentic experience.

The best thing to do is just walk around to experience all the great vegetable and seafood stores. The prices are really great and there is just an amazing selection.

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