Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone: Tired And Lazy Chef

A few weeks ago the  people over at Muir Glen Organics asked me to try some of their product and sent me a package with several samples of  their organic tomatoes and sauces. Between my trip to Philadelphia and then being extremely busy at work I had little or no time for cooking at home. I had tried their ketchup and it was extremely good. I will come up with a nice recipe using  the canned tomatoes in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I made myself a quick but healthy lunch using their canned pizza sauce.
This is a great example of something you can put together faster than the delivery guy can get to you and trust me it’s better tasting and better for you.
Now while not really in the habit of using sauces from a can particularly in the middle of tomato season I had this on hand and decided to give it a try. I had picked up some vegetables at Union Square Market and thought I would try to make myself a grilled vegetable pizza.
I can only plead tiredness as my excuse for not making pizza dough but if you take a look at this picture a recipe is hardly needed. Some vegetables sliced and ready for the grill, mozzarella, olive oil (I got this as a gift I think it’s Israeli) and the pizza sauce.
The first thing to do is get your oven preheated to about 400F.
Lightly dress your vegetables with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Then cook on grill or griddle. Spread a thin layer of sauce on pita bread.

I sprinkled a very small of cheese on top of the tomato and then arranged the vegetables on top of that and then finished the whole thing with more cheese.
I  am lucky enough to have a pizza stone in my oven and I preheated it I was actually able to get the pita base quite crisp. When I tasted it the sauce was much better than I expected.
I got some free samples of the pizza sauce in this post but my opinion of it is my own. I am looking forward to trying out the other items and I will keep you all updated.
Meanwhile please remember that posting into The Thinking Man’s Menu end early Monday morning (EST) and then voting begins. At last count there were twenty five links and I have clicked through and commented on all of them and I love them all. Thank you all for participating in my crazy ideas.