Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guilt Free Cupcakes?

Have you ever felt like eating more than one cupcake? or maybe even more than two?  Well I I may have just the answer for you. Mini cupcakes by Baked by Melissa. These cupcakes area a little bigger than a quarter (close to 1’’ in diameter) and come in an amazing variety of flavors. The cupcakes are delicious and trust me you’ll eat more than one. A great idea for a take along to a party.

We have used these at several events and they have proven very popular.

Because somebody is dipping in here you can see their size relative to the persons fingers.




Here is just a small sample of their flavors if you go to the website you can even build your own cupcake.


I know this probably reads like an ad but I am not associated with them I just thought it was a good piece of entrepreneurship.