Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco De Mayo festival Food

On Sunday the New York Times had a photography project in place. The idea was that people around the world took a photo at the same time and posted them to the NY Times website. I decided a trip to the Cinco De Mayo festival might lend me some photo oppurtunities. Here are the food shots I took. The aromas were really quite wonderful and I tried a few of the items.
The very last photograph is the one I took at the appointed time and submitted to the project.  Huaraches are a masa flour fried tortilla type of street food I topped mine with Avocado , tomato. Lettuce and some amazing hot sauce. The word hurache derives from the shape of a type of traditional sandal.

Here is a link to a recipe

This spit roasted pork was incredible. Looked very similar to Schwarmas or Gyros from middle eastern cooking but is actually used in  Tacos Al Pastor (Shepard Tacos).

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