Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shrimp Spring Rolls And Pasta

We had a very rainy day here in NYC so staying home to play with my food struck me as a good idea. The first series of photos are of the process of making Shrimp Spring Rolls. I have a julienne of carrots and snow-peas with bean sprouts and baby shrimp. All the ingredients were mixed together and wrapped in spring roll wrappers. They were deep fried and served with sweet chillie sauce and ponzu.

Click here for more information on ponzu.

The bottom shot is of a pasta dish I made with tomato sauce and sausage .A very simple dish for reheating later in the week.
I was trying to recreate a restaurant scene in the photograph. I faked up a clamp for the fork with two glasses so I did not have to stand there with fork in hand.